A comfortable mission

Every day, revolutionize comfort with high-end products, patented, handmade in France

Comfort can be defined by the intellectual or moral tranquility achieved by the rejection of any concern.

Whether it is physical or psychological, it translates to a feeling of well-being. To understand it, we must address both its “material” aspect brought by everyday objects and the physiological sensation that we feel. The latter is closely linked to our anatomy and is therefore specific to each of us.

At Confort ID, we place users and their specificities at the heart of our reflexion

We all have different bodies and comfort should not, by definition, be standardized. To this day, the majority of furnitures labeled “comfortable” offered to the general public does not take into account our morphological and anatomical differences.

Then what ?

One goal: improve your health and well-being by revolutionizing furniture


We design and produce high-end customizable comfort products that helps you achieve a state of well-being. Our products take into account the anatomic specificities and can be adapted to everyone.


One unique goal: improving health and well-being by revolutionizing furniture with patented ergonomic products that follows you through what we like to call, “The circle of comfort” – day and night ! Drived by the will to innovate, new concepts are being prepared and several innovations will be presented in the months to come.

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