Handmade products

It was obvious, Confort ID products had to be made in France

Handmade in France by passionate and reknown experts

It was evident that our products had to be manufactured in France : with high quality materials and great craftsmanship in order to best respect the technical constraints of our patents and the expectations of  stakeholders.

The choice fell on a family business with more than 30 years of experience in  foam carving and high-end fabrics processing.

Our commitment

French craftsmanship, high quality materials and eco-responsible means of production. Those are the values that we want to put forth with our products. Beyond the revolution of comfort, a modern and committed company rises. Dedicated to offer products of ever higher quality whith methods respectfull of all the people involved throughout the production chain. From design to production,sale and finally the consumer.


Then what ?

The family enterprise that work with us is jewel of French manufacturing

Sourced from the best suppliers in the region, they provide prestigious and renowned firms throughout France.

Nurtured by this relationship based on trust and close collaboration, Confort ID products are developed and brought to life by a team of passionate experts, eager to offer its users an unprecedented comfort.

Our products are handmade in France

In order to always improve quality and comfort, Confort ID products are constantly being tested  and new features are being developed. Indeed, thanks to expert interventions, partnerships with professionals and the constant analysis of our customer feedback, our concepts can evolve, with our patent as the fundamental guideline.

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