The beginning

The meeting between an osteopathic sports doctor and a collective of self-made entrepreneurs

François Rosanval, amateur in several disciplines and former doctor of the French Stadium

Right from the beginning of his career, he realizes in contact with his patients that the medical profession and furniture manufacturers do not take enough into account our fundamental anatomical differences. On the one hand, in the care provided to patients and on the other hand, in comfort related products available to the general public.

On the basis of this observation, he made it his mission to research and develop new concepts aimed at improving the posture of individuals with ergonomic and comfortable products.

The story of Comfort ID begins in May 2016, following an unlikely discussion …

Following an unlikely discussion between François and one of his regular patients: Maxime, freshly graduated from KEDGE Business School. François mentioned his patents and his revolutionary vision of comfort, he is determined to see his inventions benefit the greatest number of people. He is ready to embark on a new adventure.

Then what ?

Maxime is excited but he knows that starting a business requires more than just an idea


He decides to discuss it with his collegue and partner, Julien, a former ESG MBA, entrepreneur and business strategy specialists. Maxime and Julien are a good team, but the ambition is huge and other  skills are needed for the development of the project.

This is where the Andcollectif agency comes into play. Arnaud, Nicolas and Thomas, three EEMI graduates and digital entrepreneurs, have been developing their activity of web agency since 2012. With already several company to their resume, they join the project and Confort ID quickly sees the day.

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